Are you new to MESA? MESA is a program that teaches students like you about math, science, and engineering through hands-on projects, competitions, and field trips.
It can also help you plan for college and make sure you take the necessary classes and tests to get there.

Current MESA Students

Description of a MESA Schools Program Student
The ideal student enrolled in the MESA schools program:

* Pledges enthusiasm and determination in his/her education
* Plans on seeking a university education after high school
* Holds high personal and academic standards
* Actively participates
* Takes advantage of educational opportunities
* Seeks help and guidance when needed
* Maintains a positive attitude
* Is respectful
* Exhibits good sportsmanship
* Has fun!

Each year, MESA students work with their classmates to build mousetrap cars and gliders, build bridges, give speeches, and much more. They also get to travel to Universities like Fresno State to participate in robotic competitions, and to UC Santa Cruz to compete in Regional MESA Day events. While enrolled in the program we will also continue to help you explore different colleges and majors, as well as careers in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM).

If you are a student interested in signing up for the MESA schools program you should check our list of participating schools to see if there is a MESA class or club at your school!