Parents and families are a very important part of MESA's program! We know that parents who are involved in their children's lives contribute to their success, providing things like academic assistance, life experiences, advice, encouragement, and emotional support. We also realize that many parents may have questions about things like high school requirements, college applications, and financial aid.

MESA wants to make sure that parents have the necessary resources to be effective advocates for their children. To help achieve this, we invite parents and families to get involved in MESA!

How can parents get involved?

* Participate in MESA sponsored parent events
* Attend the MESA Day competitions to cheer on your son or daughter
* Volunteer at your child's MESA class or after school club
   (call the UC Santa Cruz MESA Office at 831.459.1819 for more information)

Please feel free to contact your child's MESA Advisor at their school or the UCSC MESA Office for more information on any of these opportunities or to find out what MESA can offer your student.  To view a list with the names of our participating schools, please click here.

Below you will find some frequently asked questions:

What is MESA and how will my son/daughter benefit from it?
There are numerous ways that MESA will prepare your son/daughter to be competitively eligible and equipped to attain the next level of education, the university. For a detailed presentation of what MESA is all about, download the "Parent Orientation" PDF in English or Spanish. You can also see a full list of our services outlined in our MESA One Sheeter for quick reference.

When are the MESA meetings and events?
The advisors at your school determine when MESA will meet. Some students meet during the week and others meet only on Saturdays, or a combination of both. Contact the MESA advisor at each school to see when they will meet.

Does it cost money to be in MESA?
Absolutely not. MESA is a state funded program and we work with your school and school districts to provide this service at no cost to you or the students.

How do I enroll my son/daughter in MESA?
Your student MUST register in the MESA Database in order to join the program. If you would like to download a paper enrollment form, click here.  Additionally, both you and your student must fill out, sign, and submit a completed Parent Authorization Form (PAF) to officially enroll in MESA. Please contact the MESA advisor at your school to obtain the form.  

To learn more about the UC Santa Cruz MESA Schools Program, please click here.

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