This annual event at the UC Santa Cruz Jack Baskin School of Engineering brings hundreds of students to campus to compete against their peers in a variety of STEM events, from balsawood bridges and model-bisected brains to speeches and team math quest.  Working with MESA advisors and industry volunteers, students work throughout the academic year on curricula and hands-on projects that reinforce California State Math and Science Standards and support college preparation.

The 2014 MESA Day Preliminary contest will be held on Saturday, March 1st.  To view the tentative Preliminary contest schedule, click here.

The MESA Day Regional contest has be scheduled on Saturday, April 5th.

Below are the grade specific competitions that will take place during the 2013-14 MESA Day competition. Follow the link for each competition for official rules and curricula. Please note that while different grade levels may compete in the same competition, each grade level will have its own unique set of rules and curricula. Disqualifications will be awarded to those participants who do not follow their grade specific competition rules.

Middle School Competitions
6th-8th Grades

Alice Cyber Challenge
Balsawood Glider
Egg Xpress-Packaged Eggdrop
Model Science - The Human Eye
Mousetrap Car - Distance
National Engineering Design Challenge - Prosthetic Arm
Robotics: Tug O' War
Solo Math
Speak Up - 6th Grade 
Speak Up - 7/8th Grades 
Stick Together
Team Math Quest

High School Competitions
9th-12th Grades

Balsawood Glider
Civil Structures
Egg Xpress- Packaged Eggdrop
Model Science - The Human Brain
Mousetrap Car-Accuracy
National Engineering Design Challenge - Prosthetic Arm
Robotics-Sumo Wrestling
Solo Math
Speak Easy
Team Math Quest